Tgirl Pornstar Kimber Lee Struts Her Stuff Outside!

Tgirl Pornstar Kimber Lee is sure to set minds racing with the possibilities as she struts her stuff outside in this hot TS porn scene on her site. As you well know, Kimber Lee has legs to die for, and I’ll bet she really makes the gossips talk as she collects the mail in her sexy stiletto high heels and skin-tight white dress. Just imagine seeing Kimber Lee walking down the sidewalk in her high heels – your eyes would be mesmerized by that hot ass of hers swaying back and forth! Come check out Kimber Lee showing off in public before heading indoors to work on her Tgirl cock over at her TS porn site today!

Stopped In Public With Tgirl Diana Love On Trans 500!

We all probably have the annoying habit of slowing down and craning to see what is going on at a police stop, but this scene featuring the beautiful Diana Love, stopped in public by the police on Trans 500 would really get you looking! Just take a look at the ass on this sexy Tgirl Pornstar and I think you’d basically stop traffic in its tracks to get a better look. This guy gets all the look that he needs as she peels Diana Love out of her dress and slides his thick cop-cock into her tight hole. There are not too many people cheering on the police these days, but I’m all for watching this cop go to town on Tgirl Diana Love over at Trans 500!

Alone On A Country Road With Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl!

Asian Shemale Krissy Kyung finds herself stranded on a lonely country road over at Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, dressed up in a short miniskirt and hooker heels. I’m sure that anybody driving by would have to stop and wonder about why this girl is there, teetering along in her high heels and looking like a total slut. Of course, those of you who know Krissy from her site, Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, know that this Asian Shemale acts the part pretty well. I can’t tell you how many truckers have found themselves staring at her as she teases them in her sexy outfits out in public… And of course, every so often, one of them finds himself very lucky indeed!

Outside Stroll With Newhalf Schoolgirl Karina Shiratori!

Newhalf Karina Shiratori is one of my favorite girls over at Shemale Japan, and if you look at her scenes there, I think you’ll understand why, pretty quickly. This sexy Newhalf is taking us along for a stroll outside in this scene, dressed up in her cute little schoolgirl outfit. Don’t you just love the look of the leg-warmers? As it turns out, Karina finds a secluded corner to lift up her skirt and show off her hard Tgirl cock, which is just begging for some attention. I guess the cool air rushing over her panties really turns this girl on! Come watch Karina Shiratori show off her Tgirl cock at Shemale Japan before heading inside and really getting down to business!

Lovely Day Of Shooting Outside With Tgirl Eva Paradis!

Gorgeous Tgirl Pornstar Eva Paradis was enjoying a little bit of paradise when she shot this set, looking spectacular in her black outfit on this cool sunny day. Eva Paradis is just dripping with sex as she poses in her sheer top and high-slit skirt, the perfect outfit to wear on a beautiful sunny day. After posing outside for a bit, Tgirl Pornstar Eva Paradis heads indoors to strip down further and really start heating things up with her sexy body. Wouldn’t you just love to put your hands on that soft smooth ass of hers and work her Tgirl cock off in your hand? Swing on over to Eva Paradis’s Tgirl porn site to see more of this beautiful Tgirl Pornstar posing in public!

Public Stroking With Sexy Shemale Courtni Demilune!

Here are some pictures from a fun little scene that the sexy Shemale Courtni Demilune did over at Canada Tgirl. Just imagine driving down the road and seeing this sexy girl walking down the side – I’ll bet you’d slow down for a closer look, right? As it turns out, Courtni Demilune is able to pick up a ride after a little while, and she sure does have a great way of showing her appreciation! I’m always a fan of seeing Tgirls out in public, but this Shemale Pornstar hitchhiking scene is definitely pretty cool. Come check out more of TS Courtni as she walks and strokes her way into your heart today over at Canada Tgirl!

Cooling Off With Shemale Jenny Flowers Outside On Bob’s Tgirls!

You know, when you look at the beautiful Shemale Pornstar Jenny Flowers just relaxing outside in her bathing suit over at Bob’s Tgirls, I don’t think it really enters your mind that in the next few minutes she’s going to be shooting a hot load of pee all over herself! I guess you really just can’t tell how kinky girls are until… well, until you see just how kinky they are! For those of you who enjoy a little pee play with your Shemale porn, head on over to Bob’s Tgirls and watch TS Jenny Flowers relieve herself outside, making quite the mess on the deck as she makes her hard Shemale cock squirt!

Grooby Girl Morgan Bailey Works Her Shemale Cock Outside!

Morgan Bailey is most definitely a legend when it comes to Shemale Pornstars, and I think every time she makes a new appearance on a site like Grooby Girls, guys all over the world sit up and take notice. Through the years, TS Morgan Bailey has done some really awesome public and outdoor scenes, and she once again proves that she has a bangin’ body in this newest scene of hers, taking a little dip in the pool before putting a towel down as the water runs off of that fantastic figure of hers. Swing on by Grooby Girls and watch the famous Grooby Girl Morgan Bailey in her latest scene – and check out all her other scenes there too!

Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl Has Moved!

I’m sorry that I’ve been away from updating my blogs recently, but I’ve been in the middle of moving to a new location where I can shoot some awesome content for all you fans and members of Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl. I’ve pretty much lived in an apartment for all of my adult life, and because of that, have felt the need to be somewhat discreet when it comes to shooting content. This new place is a lot more private and will allow me a much greater freedom when it comes to being as loud as I want when making videos – which I’m pretty excited about.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some pictures that I shot recently at the new place with you all… there is still a lot of work to be done but I’m already in love with having stairs and a deck to shoot pictures on. I hope you’ll all come join me at Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl to see all the hot, new content coming up – I’m going to have loads of fun making it for you! Thanks for the patience and we should be back to having regular updates on this blog soon!

Fucking In Public With Shemale Pornstar Jessica Fox!

Enjoy watching Shemales fucking in public? Head on over to the hot site of this Shemale Pornstar and you can watch Jessica Fox fucking under the bright sunshine, out in public for anyone to see! Jessica Fox is just trying to get through a workout in the hot desert air when she happens to attract the attention of this rather muscular guy. Well what’s a girl to do when she is all hot and bothered and feeling horny! Of course, leave it to Jessica Fox to drop down to her knees in the dirt and start sucking on his rapidly hardening cock. It isn’t long before TS Jessica Fox is offering up her ass to her newfound friend, getting it fucked while the hot sunshine beats down on them both!

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